Nick Duguid - Environment Artist

Champions Online: Hideouts - Launched 2011

This is a series of 5 personal player bases I made for Champions Online. Each hideout has 2 or 3 different styles which the players can mix and match to customize their personal space. This essentially means that each hideout had to be built 3 times over.

  Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 01 Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 02      
  Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 03 Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 04 Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 05    
  Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 06 Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 07 Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 08    
  Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 09 Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 10      
  Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 11 Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 12 Champions Online:Hidouts Thumbnail 13    

Unnamed Project Y - Cancelled 2011

I worked on this project with about 10 people for about 4 months. It was based on the 1880's Whitechapel neighborhood of London, centering around the Jack the Ripper murders. I spent a long time doing a ton of research on the period and location for this, as well as gathering as much reference imagery as I could. I've included one of the maps I made during preplanning to help figure out the design, and pick the landmarks of the area we wanted to use. The big centerpiece for the level is Christ Church, which I've shown in a few screenshots below. The project was cancelled before we even reached our first playable milestone, hence the lack of small details.

  Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 01 Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 02 Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 03 Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 04  
  Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 05 Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 06 Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 07 Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 08  
  Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 09 Unnamed Project Y Thumbnail 10      

Champions Online: Vibora Bay Expansion - Launched 2010

I did most of the modeling/texturing/layout/lighting in the following shots. Things I was not responsible for include the building exteriors some of the plants and trees and some of the textures on the mansion interior assets.

  Vibora Bay Thumbnail 01 Vibora Bay Thumbnail 02 Vibora Bay Thumbnail 03 Vibora Bay Thumbnail 04  
  Vibora Bay Thumbnail 05 Vibora Bay Thumbnail 06 Vibora Bay Thumbnail 07 Vibora Bay Thumbnail 08  
  Vibora Bay Thumbnail 09 Vibora Bay Thumbnail 10 Vibora Bay Thumbnail 11 Vibora Bay Thumbnail 12  

Champions Online - Launched 2009

My work on the following is mostly layout, some modeling, texturing and lighting. We have a lot of assets in Champions, and they see a lot of reuse, so most scenes only call for a few new objects.

  Champions Online Thumbnail 01 Champions Online Thumbnail 02 Champions Online Thumbnail 03 Champions Online Thumbnail 04  
  Champions Online Thumbnail 05 Champions Online Thumbnail 06 Champions Online Thumbnail 07 Champions Online Thumbnail 08  
  Champions Online Thumbnail 09 Champions Online Thumbnail 10 Champions Online Thumbnail 11    

Unnamed Project X - Cancelled 2008

These are from a project I worked on for about a year, with about 4 other people. It was mostly a proof of concept, and thus much of what we did was thrown out again and again.

  Unnamed Project X Thumbnail 01 Unnamed Project X Thumbnail 02 Unnamed Project X Thumbnail 03 Unnamed Project X Thumbnail 04  

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